Jordanhill - The David Stow Building

08 Nov 2017 by Peter McLaughlin

Set on an elevated position within the grounds of what was once the country estate of one of the City’s 18th Century Tobacco Lords, the green copper spires of the Category B Listed David Stow Building have been a defining landmark on the skyline of this part of Glasgow for the past one hundred years.

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Architecture Space Nature

15 Aug 2017 by Melissa Lawson

Melissa Lawson of 7N shares her extraordinary photographs, Contemporary Japanese Landscape from her time as The Robert Callender Artist in Residency.

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15 Jul 2017 by Nicholas Taggart

Nicholas Taggart of 7N reflects on the emergence of Co-Living communities following a recent feasibility study for a project in London.

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Scottish Business Pledge

17 Jul 2017 by Collette Anderson

When I read through the nine pledges of the Scottish Business Pledge I knew that 7N Architects were already making a commitment to staff, clients, suppliers and the wider community through the company values on which the Studio was founded, back in 2009. These values still exist today.

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Fraser Avenue, Inverkeithing

06 Mar 2017 by Robin Livingstone

The existing Fraser Avenue estate, originally built in 1956, is ranked in the top 15% of the most deprived areas of the country, according to the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. Since its original construction, in a way not dissimilar to many post-war housing estates across Scotland dating from the same era, the community has both thrived and then struggled.

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Charrettes - A Chance to Reconnect People with the Future of Their Place

16 Oct 2016 by Lisa Blyth

As an architect, there is an immediacy to Charrettes that is reminiscent of helping someone to build their own house. Charrettes, or community design workshops, can directly connect the people who will shape and live in the place, with the designers who can create a shared vision for that place's future and the people who can facilitate and support that vision.

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Creating a Town Centre Masterplanning Toolkit

10 Apr 2015 by Lisa Blyth

There has been a much documented decline in town centre economic health in recent years. This has been attributed to a variety of things, much of which is to do with our changing habits as technology and mobility mean the traditional necessity to go to town centres has all but gone.

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Road Map - Glasgow City Centre Strategy

04 Oct 2013 by Ewan Anderson

The woman on the bike in the photograph above looks understandably anxious about her safety in the midst of all the heavy traffic. She doesn’t particularly look like she is enjoying her journey and it is not a position that anyone would necessarily put themselves in through choice. But consideration of positive choices is becoming critical to the future wellbeing of our towns and cities.

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Growing The Place in Hard Times - Speirs Locks, Glasgow

16 Apr 2010 by Ewan Anderson

The global recession is causing widespread suffering and hardship but, in some respects, it may turn out to be a good thing for the future development of our towns and cities. A harsh medicine perhaps, but in recent years the lower value uses which enrich the urban realm have been increasingly squeezed out by the dominance of speculative development driven by easily available finance.

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