7N Architects become an Employee Owned Business

7N Architects are pleased to share that, as we mark our 15th successful year of practice, we have become an Employee Owned Business.

After many years of steady growth and establishing ourselves as one of Scotland’s leading independent architectural practices, this transition will secure our long term future for the years ahead.

Founding Director Ewan Anderson has transferred 100% of his ownership shareholding to an Employee Owned Trust (EOT) that will act on behalf of all of the studio’s 24 employees. Often referred to as the ‘John Lewis’ model, the EOT structure allows every member of our team to share in the future success of the practice.

Our practice’s leadership team has been expanded with Ben Watson and Craig Tait joining Ewan Anderson on the Board as Directors. They will work in conjunction with a Board of Trustees that includes an independent Chair, John Hume, and 7N team members Laura Adamson and Lisa Blyth, both of whom were elected by their fellow employees.

As one of the founder members of the practice, Lisa has seen the team grow from 7 to 24 people and described the recent process: “The whole employee ownership transition was a hugely insightful experience that showed how all of our employees could play a significant role in the future of the practice. All team members took part in a variety of workshops that ranged from, how to define our purpose statement, to exploring what kind of work will be the focus of the studio in the future. The flexible and democratic structure will ensure the collegiate and pro-active culture of the studio continues to flourish at 7N Architects.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carole Leslie of Ownership Associates UK for guiding us so well through the process, as well as TLT LLP for legal advice, and Alan Watt of Reference Point for financial advice.

It is an exciting time for the practice. This announcement gives us an opportunity to look forward to a bright future, which has been created from everyone’s hard work and talents, and one where all employees will collectively benefit from the team’s continued success.