Post Pandemic Housing

It’s great to see Jordanhill Park in the latest Urban Realm magazine. The project is referenced in an article which discusses what housing and residential developments might look like in a post pandemic world.

“It’s interesting to look at Jordanhill Park in the context of the pandemic. The landscape setting is important to all our projects and it’s something we’re seeing residential developers become much more aware of, it’s now easier to argue for shared green space, larger balconies and walking routes.

“There are vertical layers of planting between each house so when you’re walking you get a layered feeling of green space as you approach the linear park. Tragically, it’s taken something like this (Covid Pandemic) for people to think more about wellbeing, but it’s an opportunity which should be grasped.” Ewan Anderson, 7N Architects.

Read the full Urban Realm article here.

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Images: ZAC + ZAC Photography